How to apply at Mukha?

Mukha Model & Talent Management, Inc. 

How do I apply at Mukha?

STEP 1 - Please fill up the information required below, attach photos (Closeup, half and full body) and send to

Contact Numbers:
Vital Statistics:
Dress Size (S/M/L/XL/XLL):
Shoe Size:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Current employer/school:
Current job/year and course:
Agency, Freelance or Novice Model:

STEP 2 - Register at Mukha's Social Media Sites, please go to websites below:

1. Join  and

2. Like us on FB  and  


After the two steps you may already consider yourself a Mukha Fashionista. We will send out announcements in the mailing lists. You just need to reply to emails where you are interested and qualified. All announcements are open to all, feel free to attend the different seminars and activities that will be sent out but please confirm by replying to the specific email so you may be counted.

No Contract is required to be a Mukha Fashionsita, just the per-casting agreement which you can copy at for the specific casting you are applying for and then paste to your eMail.

Once in a while we will be inviting selected Mukha Fashionistas for interview to become a Mukha Contract Model. Just confirm your schedule if your interested or you may decline by simply replying that you just want to remain a Mukha Fashionista.

If requested, Mukha can give advise to Mukha Fashionistas regarding scrupulous and ill-intentioned individuals or groups.
Mukha Fashion has an option of blacklisting anyone for even a slight offensive attitude or conduct.